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We have an extensive range of products, ranging from compact communications devices and rack-mountable systems right through to integrated systems. 

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Public Safety
Commercial & Industrial communication, healthcare, general notification, warnings, and much more, our paging products are versatile and configurable
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Does your system require remote monitoring from a central location? We’ve got you covered. Short range and long range solutions.
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Emergency Services
We offer Routers, Translators and Telephone Paging Interfaces
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Our Search & Rescue marine radio devices provide solid short-range communication from aircraft to water or from ship to water.
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Product Spotlight

Our 20-62 Ethernet capable 5W transmitters are available in either VHF or UHF, with programmable outputs capable of having a unique protocol assigned to each port and tunable across the full frequency range.

More information is available on the 20-62 Transmitter product page. Please get in touch for further details.

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Manufactured in New Zealand - utilized around the globe

Salcom products are conceptualized, designed and manufactured right here in New Zealand.

We pride ourselves on unbeatable customer service and quality products with a history of outstanding reliability. Our products meet a range of applications such as public safety, marine, emergency services, healthcare, agriculture and a number of other commercial applications. 

Our smart team of engineers can work with you on customized a solution. Contact us today to learn more. 



Solutions to optimise your project

Our team has completed a vast array of technically complex national and international projects, from nation-wide satellite communication systems and tsunami early warning systems for Pacific Islands to local commercial, agricultural and industrial communications solutions.

Our equipment provides you complete control and essential data reporting.

If there is a customized solution you are looking for, we'd love to hear from you.

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